J-Plasma Technology

Bovie Medical, the  inventor of ESU with a huge experience in constructing and R&D of surgical equipment changes the rules and introduces in medical community the J-PLASMA technology. J-Plasma is an advanced energy device combining the unique properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy.

J-Plasma: A Matter of energy

Just as a liquid can be excited into a gas state, plasma is created by adding energy to a gas. J-Plasma uses helium gas, passed across an energized electrode, which can also be extended for an enhanced cutting effect- to create a focused stream of low-current cold plasma. With its high level of precision and minimal thermal spread, J-Plasma can enable and improve surgical and non surgical treatment across a broad range of specialties and procedures. Helium plasma focuses RF energy for greater control of tissue effect, enabling a high level of precision and virtually eliminating unintended tissue trauma. These properties may allow surgeons to use the energy on and around sensitive structures. It is a surgical tool used for the cutting, coagulation, ablation and dissection of tissue.

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP)

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) has been well studied in the scientific community over the last few years for its unique ability to preferentially destroy different types of cancer and bacterial cells. The CAP produced by J-Plasma results in charged particles, reactive species and high electric fields that can act individually and synergistically on biological cells. Research in this new area of science has shown the benefit of CAP for many therapeutic and cosmetic applications, and ongoing work continues to reveal new medical uses for cold plasma. J-Plasma is the only energy device incorporating the advances benefits of CAP, and is configures for use in open, laparoscopic and robotic procedures.